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I had my first maternity shooting with Katie when I was 36 weeks pregnant. I was really looking forward to it as it was pretty tough for me to get pregnant with my boy and God knows if I can still be that lucky and have a second child.

It might be my only chance in my life.


Katie took time with me to discuss all details. We planned together about the theme the color I like and especially, the feeling how I wanted my pictures to present. After my boy was born, I was concerned if I can bring him out when he was that young. But I do wanted to capture that tiny body and his everything that still looked like when he was in my belly. After we arrived together( my mom my husband and baby) I was so amazed how Katie was so patient with my fussy boy. Gently putting him to sleep and gently took pictures of him. I still remember she turned on the shusher and some heat to help to keep baby warm(bcz my boy was born in winter) all those little details, I can’t describe how greatful I felt about her professionalism.

And of course, when the big day comes about picking ur pictures, I really want to say. I want EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM, because they were all the best pictures. Those moments of my beautiful pregnant belly. Those moments of my baby boy. Those moments of family together taking care of baby. She captured them all and used pictures to tell the world about one thing: LOVE.


Sophie & Jerry